Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crunchy Cornflakes Cookies by Comel Pastry Chef...

Cornflake cookies are just what they sound like: cookies with cornflakes in them. The original source of the recipe, as far as I can tell, is unknown, but the idea of using cereal as an addition to cookies first became popular around the 1930s, so the very first batch was probably baked up around that time. The cookies were more prominent in the 1970s, when they became a fairly popular bake-sale item.
This particular cereal makes a great addition to cookies because it adds a lot of crunch, as well as a flavor and texture that few other ingredients can match. Overall, the cookies here have an almost delicate, crumble-in-your-mouth type of texture. It is more substantial than a crumbly shortbread, but (unless you under bake them slightly) they lack the chewiness of the average chocolate-chip type of cookie. The flavor is buttery, with a tiny hint of corn from the cornflakes, and there is quite a bit of crunch to each bite

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